Scrum Hero

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Created Scrum Hero in Unity3D for PC, Mac, and mobile platforms as a solo project for Gambit Games.

Scrum Hero is a digital sticky note scrum board application designed to be displayed on TV’s at game development studios. Developers use their mobile devices or PC to view and modify their task lists while the entire team view is visible on TV in the development studio.

Responsibilities and features included…
– Design and programming of the application.
– Hiring subcontractors for UI, SFX, and BGM and implementing their assets.
– Purchased and implemented video playback and YouTube plugins to provide user customizable background videos.
– Scripted application connectivity to web database.
– Created a polished, feedback rich game-like interface that is easy to use for all developers.
– Dependency chains, blocked tasks, sprints, and other commonly used features fully implemented and polished.