Plushy Knight


Development Director of Plushy Knight, a 20 developer student video game development team.

Plushy Knight is an emotionally-epic story-driven video game created completely by graduate students at the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy in Orlando, Florida. The game tells the story of a twelve year old girl, named Gemma, who is struggling to deal with the death of her father. Play as Plushy Knight – her teddy bear in-shining-armor – tasked with protecting and nurturing Gemma on her journey through a mindscape of memory and loss.

My responsibilities included…
– Helping the leads from each discipline track their developers progress using a room-scale visual scrum board made from sticky notes and string.
– Ran daily scrum meetings among developer teams.
– Organized preview and review meetings every Monday and Friday for lead developers to give status updates.
– Presented status updates on team progress, dependencies, and concerns to project lead.
– Met with developers for monthly one-on-one relationship meetings to determine their opinions on the status of the project and to get know about them on a personal level.
– Planned and ran play-testing sessions for outside feedback on the game.
– In charge of designing and implementing processes and methodologies to create a targeted team culture.
– Aided scripting team by implementing BGM & SFX in LUA.

Full gameplay run-through can be seen below.