Kennedy Space Center Mobile VR Experiences

KSC 360 Expedition Trailer

Contracted by Phyken Media as Gambit Games as the development director for a three mobile virtual reality experiences for NASA, Kennedy Space Center, and Delaware North. Part of a retail push for mobile virtual reality experiences at the Kennedy Space Center: Visitors Complex that included mobile application development and branded headsets.

Game development cycle for the three experiences was 10 months with 17 developers among 6 software companies.

My responsibilities included…
– Responsible for software development, including internal and external development teams.
– Communicated and helped pitch experiences for the Kennedy Space Center: Visitors Complex
– Designed and implemented software development practices and methodologies to provide a positive culture among the various in-house development companies at the Orlando Gamespace.
– Budgeted and planned scope for each game and communicated changes to executive parties involved.
– Prepared and ran weekly meetings among lead developers for each game development team.
– Lead programmer for KSC 360 Expedition, a mobile VR application using 360 degree photos that exceed Unity3D’s standard 8192 texture size limit.
– Implemented Video playback and YouTube plugins within mobile VR.

Edge of Home Trailer

Space Dreams Trailer