Florida Lottery Flamingo Splash!

Development Director for Gambit Games, we pitched to the Florida Lottery to convert our in-development game “Save The Dodos” into “Flamingo Splash!” using the Florida Lottery Flamingo.

Original Save The Dodos game created by a team of 10 developers over 4 months for iPad using Unity3D, and conversion into Flamingo Splash! developed by 4 developers over 6 months in for Unity Web Player.

My responsibilities included…
– Pitching the conversion to the Florida Lottery.
– Budgeting and planning the number of required developers for the conversion team.
– Communicating with Florida Lottery executives and giving status updates.
– Running daily scrum using a gamified room-scale visual scrum board using sticky notes and string.
– Planning and running preview and review meetings to minimize waste during meetings with lead developers.
– Scripting UI, SFX, BGM and additional gameplay.
– Running play-testing events.
– Organizing, hiring, and recording voice actors.

You can view the trailer for the original in-development game Save The Dodos below.